13 June 2024

So he went in to stay with them. Luke 24:29

When in distress, we may hear: “The Lord would like to help you, if only you had enough faith.” You are not sincere enough. You have hidden sins. Or even more harshly: you have secret curses in your family. Of course the Lord would like to help and would do it, but you need to get rid of them first. There are also lighter versions of this thinking: “Of course the Lord will help you, you just have to reform your life and put away what hinders Him from helping you.” As a result of these overwhelming words, the wounded heart is caught in even deeper trouble. Has God abandoned me, too, because I’m not able to make my life better? I am hardly even able to ask for help, although that’s why I first came to God. Fortunately Jesus didn’t come to call the righteous but the sinners. Fortunately He didn’t come to heal the healthy but the sick. He will stay with me when the hard ones are gone and the righteous ones have abandoned me. He will stay and will not go away.

The text is from Juha Vähäsarja’s devotional book “Every Day Without a Care”.
Translation Jari Vähäsarja and Anne Leu.
© Juha Vähäsarja