30 May 2024

If you love me, keep my commands.

John 14:15

By keeping Jesus’ words unchanged, we love God. Keeping the commandments can also be understood more broadly: we love Jesus by following all the admonitions of the word and believing in all its promises. Above all our Lord wants us to trust in the essential words of mercy so that we can find life in them. Jesus became a man, died for us redeeming our sins and rose from the dead, sealing our atonement. We can hardly love and praise God in a more beautiful way than believing that the words and acts of Jesus apply to us as well. When the treasure of the unconditional gospel is opened to us, even all our little good deeds become works of service for the gospel. Without the gospel even the greatest acts of love will not open heaven to us, but are only self-seeking. So corrupted is human nature, ours included.

The text is from Juha Vähäsarja’s devotional book “Every Day Without a Care”.
Translation Jari Vähäsarja and Anne Leu.
© Juha Vähäsarja